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Dialogue on Decision-Making

Decision-making is a search for good arguments…”

-Swedish scholar Henry Montgomery

Leaders spend their days making decisions. The founder of a start-up considers the pros and cons of outside financing. The CEO of a growing business investigates new geographic territories. A non-profit executive evaluates whether to add staff positions. A corporate vice president weighs new investments in R&D.

This series intends to help audiences understand the cognitive processes of leaders by inviting decision-makers from various industries to reflect on options they chose and options they rejected. The insight they provide through dialogue and storytelling might educate current and future leaders who wrestle with their own decision opportunities.

Richard Coughlan, whose graduate studies centered on judgment and decision-making, is a member of the Robins School faculty and serves as a facilitator, consultant, and coach to organizations across the region. Tune in as he sits down with leaders for unscripted conversations that delve into the untold stories of consequential decisions that changed the trajectory of their careers and businesses.

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