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The single defining element that elevates the Robins School of Business is our 360° approach to preparing students to meet the challenges of real-world business. Our curriculum is built on a distinctive combination of business fundamentals that integrates innovation, globalization, and technology within a broader liberal arts environment. The result is a remarkably talented asset. This environment produces adaptable students who possess strong ethics combined with effective communication and problem solving skills.

Robins School students are shaped by technology, today's most pervasive business driver. Future business leaders must have a thorough understanding of how technological capabilities integrate and optimize business goals and outcomes. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we can focus on helping students develop core skills, making them ready from day one to help the companies and firms they join.

International internships, work experiences, and study are an integral component to an international business program. Over 50% of Robins School undergraduate students study abroad. By combining a study abroad program, international business experience, and required coursework, we provide a cross-cultural approach to a business degree.

The Robins School and University Career Services offer an array of services to employers and business school recruiters seeking to recruit our undergraduates for internships, externships, and full-time employment opportunities. Career Services offers a variety of ways for employers to connect with students, including on-campus interviews, free job postings, career expos, and employer information sessions.

Please visit Career Services for more information on how to engage with our students.

From Our Recruiters

Goldman Sachs
"Goldman Sachs has successfully recruited at the University of Richmond for several years. As a global financial services firm, we emphasize intellect, integrity, and a strong work ethic in our undergraduate recruiting process. Richmond graduates have consistently performed very well as part of our organization."
-Chris McFadden, R'90, Managing Director

"University of Richmond students have the academic background to hit the ground running when they start their careers at Altria. In addition, they possess the leadership qualities and strong communications skills we look for in future employees."
-Francisca Rahardja, Recruiter

"Our business is becoming increasingly international, so it is crucial that we recruit people who are not just smart business men and women, but who are also curious about different cultures, languages, and economies. In short, we want people with a broad view of the world, which we see in Robins School students"
-Jack Reagan, B'89, Partner in Charge, MidAtlantic Campus Recruiting

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For internships and job opportunities, employers are encouraged to contact:
Megan Wallace
Director of Business Development
Office of Alumni and Career Services
HireSpiders website
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