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Program Overview

Peer selected upperclassmen who support and market career programs for the Robins School of Business and the Center for Professional Skills and Development. Designed to foster leadership development, ambassadors serve as the student voice for program development and design. 


Sonny Aryeh, ’22

Hometown: Bedford, N.Y.

Academic Interests: International business, business analytics, and biology.

Activities: President of the International Business Student Association (IBSA)

Summer internship: Digital Marketing intern for VeteranCrowd summer 2020; Digital Marketing intern for Uniplaces in Lisbon, Portugal summer 2019

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? Due to COVID-19, my first summer internship was canceled; however, through networking, I found VeteranCrowd and joined their team.
Quarantine has taught me many things, like self-awareness and time-management. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend quality time with my family!



Alex Cabezas, ‘22

Hometown: Reno, Nev.

Academic Interests: Finance and Economics

Activities: Intern for local UBS branch office, photographer for the Robins' Events Office, and as a freelancer, member of Phi Gamma Delta, and Speech Center Consultant

Summer internship: I continued to intern at the local UBS branch office, where I started in September 2019; I will continue to work at UBS throughout the 20-21 academic year.

How did COVID impact your summer? I was interviewing for a summer internship in NYC with an alumnus; however, due to the pandemic, the internship program was canceled. Instead, I continued to work as a virtual intern for the local UBS branch office.



Christina Chen, ‘22

Hometown: Chengdu, China

Academic Interests: Marketing and Entrepreneurship Management

Activities: I am a big foodie and I love traveling. I volunteer at the Delmont Learning Center. 

Summer internship: Social Media marketing intern at LinkedIn China.

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? I started my own company last summer, which is an online platform that provides food experiences to travelers visiting China. Due to the COVID-19, we had to pause the program, and I decided to find an internship this summer. Luckily, I found a good one at LinkedIn!



Connor Compoli, ‘21

Hometown: Long Valley, N.J.

Academic Interests: Accounting and Data Analytics

Activities: FinTech, Best Buddies

Summer internship: Internship at PwC

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? As a result of COVID-19, my summer internship at PwC was condensed to two weeks. However, I reached out to my former employer at Markel, where I interned throughout the school year. Fortunately, I was able to work with them throughout the summer when I was not with PwC. 



Colin Sparkevicius, ‘21

Hometown: Warminster, Pa.

Academic Interests: Business Administration with a concentration in Management Consulting; minor in Music

Activities: SpiderBoard, Alpha Kappa Psi, Peer Sexual Misconduct Advisors, Jazz Ensemble

Summer internship: Program Planning and Operations Intern at 1776 (2019)

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? Due to COVID-19, my internship plans were canceled. When my efforts to find another position online were not fruitful, I decided to concentrate on myself for the future. As president of SpiderBoard, I worked with my executive team on creating events for the summer and planned how we would operate our organization in the fall semester. I also studied and practiced case interviewing to prepare for job interviews. 



Laurel Suchsland, ‘21

Hometown: Lafayette Hill, Pa.

Academic Interests: Accounting and Leadership Studies

Activities: Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Former Career Services Student Assistant, Beta Gamma Sigma

Summer internship: Federal Audit Intern with KPMG; Labor Contributions Intern with Henkels & McCoy

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? This summer I was supposed to be living in Washington D.C. while interning with KPMG. The in-person program was canceled and shifted to a four-week virtual training program. Since the time commitment drastically changed, I began working as an intern at a construction company called Henkels & McCoy. I worked as a Labor Contributions intern, and I will be continuing to intern for them virtually for most of the fall semester.



Margaux Kelley, ‘21

Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn.

Academic Interests: Leadership Studies Major and Double Minor in Entrepreneurship and Latin American, Latino, & Iberian Studies (LALIS)

Activities: Westhampton College Chair for Student Conduct Council, Robins School of Business Technology Assistant, ESL Tutor for LTLT, and Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity

Summer internship or experience: This summer I did a Civic Fellowship under Professor Cheryl Pallant for the Body-Mind Centering Association. In response to COVID-19, I also launched my own not-for-profit company, Stay APart Apparel, in an effort to raise money for local food banks struggling to keep up with the increased demand.

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? COVID-19 impacted my summer greatly. First, my original marketing internship with McCormick & Company got canceled, therefore, I pivoted to the Civic Fellowship. Second, because of the need that I saw in my surrounding communities, I expanded upon an idea from my entrepreneurship class and made it a reality, working with local vendors and The United Way. It additionally provided me the experience of running my own business firsthand. Both experiences, though unanticipated, ended up being tremendous learning experiences.



Erin Watton, ‘21

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.

Academic Interests: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Fashion

Activities: Welcome Week Committee, SpiderBoard, business owner of e.xclusively, Beta Gamma Sigma

Summer internship: Influencer Marketing Coordinator Intern at Wellness Amplified and Marketing Consultant at Wearwell

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? This summer, I was supposed to work for URBN which houses brands such as Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, and a new clothing rental brand, Nuuly. Specifically, my internship was a marketing and merchandising role for Nuuly. Fortunately, a couple of my fellow UR students created a business, Leva, which connects small businesses and start-ups with college students. That is how I got connected to Wellness Amplified, a health and wellness influencer marketing agency. Additionally, I continued working for Wearwell, a sustainable clothing start-up that I interned for after my sophomore year. All the while, I continued to grow my small business, e.xclusively. This whirlwind of a summer confirmed the importance of networking with both fellow students and past employers. In times of stress and uncertainty, resilience, and confidence in yourself are very important. 



Molly Wiener, ‘21

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich.

Academic Interests: Economics and Healthcare Studies

Activities: Student Tour Guide, Chief Recruitment Officer for Kappa Alpha Theta

Summer internship or experience: I have held internships with World Pediatric Project as their database intern; I also worked for Logility Halo-BI as a data science intern

How did COVID-19 impact your summer and how did you respond? One of the challenges that I was presented with early on in the summer was the cancellation of the internship. Luckily, I was able to secure a virtual internship experience, through Halo BI. This ended up being an amazing learning opportunity. Not only did I gain a lot of experience on a variety of programming platforms, but I also learned how to effectively communicate through the largely virtual setting that COVID has left many of us navigating. One of the key takeaways that I think many of us have seen over the summer is how crucial it is to be highly adaptable with the continually changing environment that COVID has created. 


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