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The Robins Mentoring Program

What do you need for career success?

“My mentor and I got along very well and he has been very helpful to me. He provided me with advice and guidance for my interviews, as well as offered to use his network to help with internships. Mentors can make a significant impact in a young professional’s life and career. Hopefully, other individuals will have as great an experience (or better) than mine!” -Luis Davila, ‘16

The right mentor can have a major impact on your professional future. The Robins School of Business is committed to connecting students with mentors, and one way this happens is through the Robins Mentoring Program.

This group of about 50 senior executives works directly with the Robins School’s deans, faculty, and students. The backgrounds of these executives include investment banking, consulting, manufacturing, consumer goods, real estate development, hospitality/hotels, small business, accounting, and much more. Serving as student mentors, members help students by:

  • Meeting one-on-one with students to provide general career coaching and advice
  • Providing input regarding specific career questions/issues
  • Assisting in outlining an internship or job search strategy
  • Helping define strategies for ongoing growth and professional development

Participating students are carefully matched with a mentor, based on shared professional goals and interests.

Please contact Shelley Burns for more information.

The Robins Mentoring Program

Robins School of Business
102 UR Drive
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Shelley Olds Burns
Director of Career Programs in Business
Queally Hall room 273
(804) 287-1255