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The Robins Mentoring Program, formerly known as the Executive Advisory Council (EAC) Mentoring Program, was created in 2005 to provide students the opportunity to strengthen personal attributes critical to success in the business world (e.g. communication skills, professional behavior and responsibilities, critical thinking skills, etc.). As a career coach/mentor, you may advise students in the following ways:

  • Meet one-on-one to provide general career coaching and advice
  • Assist in outlining a job search strategy
  • Share real world experiences that have impacted your own career
  • Discuss challenges faced when transitioning from school to work

Students will register for the program, which includes submitting an application, statement of interest and resume. Shelley Burns will use this information to match prospective students and mentors.

If you would like to mentor a current Robins School of Business student, please submit the following application. Fields with an * are required.

*First Name   

*Last Name   

*Phone (please provide at least one contact phone number with area code)

*Job Title   

*Company Name   


*Street Address1
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*City *State *Zip
Are you a University of Richmond alumnus?   Yes     No

If yes, please list graduation year.

Please let us know of any comments or questions you may have.

As a mentor, we would like to share your biosketch or resume with your mentee. Please email your resume to Shelley Burns at


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