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Designed to complement Q-camp from sophomore year, students will develop key strategies toward a successful summer internship.

Summer internship, are you ready? This one-day conference is designed to give University of Richmond business students a competitive edge during their summer internship. Regardless of whether you have secured an internship or not, all business students are strongly encouraged to attend.

At the end of Q2, students will be able to:

  • Recall expectations for internship success
  • Build relationships with alumni and corporate partners
  • Define three strategies to effectively manage their brand

All junior business students can apply. 

Focused Fridays

Focused Fridays is a series designed for undergraduate business students. Friday workshops are based on employer feedback and students’ ability to successfully transition from college to career. Except for the Excel Training Workshops, registration is not required.

Classroom to Boardroom: Interviewing in the New Virtual World
Friday, March 12, 2021 | 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

“I’m constantly on Zoom and FaceTime - interviewing via video can’t be that different, right?”  You’re not alone if you’ve had this thought.  It’s hard to believe that something we spend so much time doing can be so different when used by the corporate world, yet it is.  The pivot from in-person networking and interviewing to 100% virtual seemed to happen overnight - accordingly, there is sparse training on this topic. Join Cristie Lucas, Director of Brand + Talent at Veris Consulting, Inc., for an employer’s perspective on the strategies available to you as you brave this “new virtual interview world.” 

You will explore:

  • Differences in how video technology is used in the classroom vs. in a job interview
  • Interview strategies that work:  understanding and managing the tools available to you during your interview
  • Subtle changes to your set up and preparation
  • Non-verbal cues that convey confidence, interest, and positive energy
  • How to make a lasting impression when you can’t meet with your interviewer in person

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