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The Robins School of Business aspires to a culture of innovation. The iLab (Idea Lab) furthers this vision by providing a hub for inquisitive, engaged, creative minds. The flexible-use space will include writable surface walls, monitors and laptops for presentations, and furniture that can be configured in multiple ways to serve as a space for classes, small group meetings, and individual work stations. The iLab will host small audience venture pitches, serve as an incubator for student companies, provide a gathering space group and organizational meetings, and welcome investor meetings. We hope the space embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation so that our students are equipped to launch their own ventures with support from the business school.

iLab Access Policy

The Robins School of Business iLab is a space where students, faculty, staff, alums, and active entrepreneurs may come together to innovate and advance entrepreneurial ideas and enterprises. Every student enrolled in undergraduate or graduate classes at the University of Richmond is eligible to become a member of the Robins School iLab. Access to the lab is provided by Spider Card entry. In order to activate the student ID for access, a student must complete a membership form. Note that it may take approximately one week for access to be activated upon completing the form. All iLab members must apply for membership each academic year.  

iLab members must agree to:

  1. Not provide access to the space to any students who are not members.
  2. Be respectful of others in noise level.
  3. Not take anything out of the space that does not belong to you.
  4. Be respectful of the space by disposing of trash appropriately.

The iLab may be reserved by faculty and staff for classes and/or special programs. The space is NOT to be used as a general study room.  

Student Membership Form

Faculty/Staff Membership Form

iLab guests may be admitted to the space by iLab members.

For Assistance

For assistance with membership to the iLab, please contact Donna Ruff at