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The Robins Debate

February 17, 2017, 12 p.m.

Resolutions to be debated:

  • The Federal Reserve left rates too low for too long.
  • Brexit will be good for the UK economy.
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be for the common good of the people of the United States.


  • First place team: $2,000
  • Second place team: $500

The Robins Debate Application (Due January 18th at 5 p.m.)

Complete Debate Guidelines

About the Debate

The Robins Debate was established as a means for students to discuss and dispute current business issues in a policy style debate. Debate has been a hot topic in and of itself in this presidential election cycle. Debate is an exercise that can build many of the skills that make for successful business careers and lives. As a business school within a liberal arts university, we appreciate the professional development skills that debate can build. Some students may have debate experience, while others are likely to welcome the opportunity to engage in this type of competition. This policy debate will allow students to research important questions, and practice research, persuasion, oral communication, and critical thinking. 

You can participate by sending a team of three to five students, accompanied by a faculty member or administer, who will also serve as a judge. UR will pay for land transportation and provide a luncheon prior to the debate, and a reception following. 

Additional information:

  • The Robins Debate is a policy style debate.
  • This competition is a business school competition, but is open to students across all undergraduate majors. 
  • Eight teams will compete in the debate with four first round matches, two second round matches, and one final round match.
  • Teams of 3-5 students, with 2 students participating in each round.
  • Students can bring pre-prepared papers/electronics to the debate.
  • Debate format is 44 minutes long.

Past Winners

RSB Debate 2014 RSB Debate 2015 2016

2014 Winners: 

1st Place Team

Jack Cone, Pamir Niaz, Boris Fedoroff 

2nd Place Team

Thomas Kohn, Matthew Pura, Lucas Burton, Chris Lilli

2015 Winners: 

1st Place Team

Luke Burton, Tom Kohn, Matthew Swensen 

2nd Place Team

Janus Cataluan, Harry Koo, Danny Simmonds, 
Alexander Christine, Walter Abrams 

2016 Winners: 

1st Place Team

Aaron Hamburger, Michael Rotondo, Nate Cohen

2nd Place Team

George Katsiotis, Tyler Campbell, Richie Wismer

Please send any questions or inquiries to

Center for Active Business Education

David North, Ph.D.
Queally 285A
(804) 287-1938