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Facilitating business research and independent study.

CABE also connects motivated students with Robins faculty members who are conducting research. When this research is done jointly between faculty and students, it can often leading to conference participation or publication -- even at the undergraduate level. The Center also helps students prepare for certifications, and work with their professors to conduct independent study projects. 

CABE maintains a list of faculty members willing to participate in student-faculty research along with their research interests.

A general timeline for participating in a student-faculty research project is the following:

  • Meet informally with prospective faculty research partner(s) about ideas and outlet for research
  • Agree to guidelines with faculty research partner and register for one unit independent study course (BUAD 389)
  • Collaborate, collect data, analyze, write-up research
  • Submit research to appropriate journal

Along with the list of participating faculty members, it would be beneficial to read faculty profiles available on the UR website. Faculty members have final say on whether they want to be involved in a project.

Due to the time it takes to complete research, it is possible that the one unit independent study course not be completed within one semester. Therefore it is a recommend that you start in fall semester.


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