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Field Projects

Field projects and corporate interaction: hands-on experience in the world of business.

Through CABE, the world of business is your classroom. By initiating collaboration between faculty and students, CABE supports field projects on topics including marketing, the essentials of technology, operations management, consulting process and practicum, accounting information systems, economic development, and business statistics.

Business leaders open their corporate doors to Robins students for on-site visits -- and they often enter our classrooms, offering their insight through critiques and problem-solving exercises. 

Examples of Field Projects include:

  • Marketing - interviewing and observing target consumers or preparing a marketing plan for a local business; marketing research projects identifying and researching an organization, determining a problem or opportunity, creating and conducting relevant surveys, and formulating actionable recommendations that can be presented to the organization
  • Essentials of Technology - implementing software for local non-profits
  • Operations Management - online simulation exercises, projects to apply course concepts to local businesses, own workplace, family business, or campus organization
  • Consulting Process and Practicum - performing a strategy, organizational, or process consulting project for a local organization
  • Accounting Information Systems - internal control reviews for local non-profit organizations
  • Economic Development - teams work as consultants for a local fair-trade organization
  • Business Statistics - statistical analysis conducted for local organizations

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