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Here, the competitive spirit thrives.

Through CABE, Robins students can take part in business competitions throughout the year, both within and outside of the school. 

Outside competitions include:

  • The CFA Institute Research Challenge (Richmond)
  • The International Business Case Competition (Boston)
  • The National Team Selling Case Competition (University of Indiana)
  • Quinnipiac's Global Asset Management Education Forum (Quinnipiac University)

In the past, students have also participated in The College Fed Challenge in Richmond, the Fed Video Contest on Financial Literacy, the Deloitte Battle of the Beltway, Michigan Interactive Investments Intercollegiate Stock Pitch Competition, and the Goodman Accounting Challenge. 

If you are interested in participating in a new competition please contact David North, director of CABE.

Competitions held within University of Richmond include:

Business Pitch Competition
The annual Business Pitch Competition is open to undergraduate students across all schools and departments in the University, including individual student-entrepreneurs and teams of students. Held each spring, the Business Pitch Competition is judged by Robins School of Business faculty and executives from firms that range from tech startups to venture capital groups. Pitches are judged on concept, clarity, comprehensiveness, realistic implementation potential, and potential value - and winners get cash prizes (along with the motivation to take their product to market!). The goal is to create and present a business concept that is novel and marketable and an approach to building the venture that is reasonable and achievable.

McWick Case Competition
In the school’s McWick Case Competition each spring, teams of graduating seniors are assigned a business case. They must quickly evaluate the case and make recommendations for the company. The first round is judged by instructors of the BUAD 497 Strategic Management course. The best teams from each section are sent to a semi-final round to be judged by other Robins School faculty. The final round is judged by experienced executives.

This exciting event is funded through earnings from the McWick Fund. The donor, Kathleen McBride, frequently participates in the competition and awards the prizes. She has sponsored the competition since 2000 in appreciation for the educational opportunities given to her as a student at the University of Richmond and to help educate students with the skills necessary to create and manage their own companies.

For more information, contact Jeff Harrison.

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