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The Marketing Concentration

The Marketing Concentration at the Robins School of Business focuses on the creation, communication and delivery of customer value across various settings. The concentration is designed for students who are planning for careers in which strategy, analytics, communications and/or sales play central roles. The Marketing Concentration requires a minimum of five units of marketing classes (beyond MKT 320 Principles of Marketing course), including MKT 326 Marketing Research and Analysis. A maximum of seven marketing courses can be taken as part of the concentration. 

Marketing Three Pillar Model

The courses in the Marketing Concentration are intended to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the global business environment. These courses are individually and collectively designed to build marketing students' strategic, analytic and communications skills, while fostering a strong international perspective. Students pursuing a Marketing Concentration at the Robins School acquire a solid foundation in developing and implementing successful marketing strategies through our theory-grounded experiential curriculum.

The Marketing Concentration prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities. Historically, our graduates have gone on to work for top companies in brand management, product management, international marketing, advertising and promotion, digital and social media marketing, public relations, professional selling and sales management, marketing research, pricing, logistics, consulting and entrepreneurial ventures. 


  • IBUS students taking MKT 325 and concentrating in marketing need only four additional units in marketing courses.
  • Independent study courses only count toward the concentration with permission of the department chair.

Undergraduate Marketing

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