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Intent Form for students considering a major or minor in the Robins School of Business

Current undergraduate students interested in pursuing a major or minor in the Robins School of Business must have an overall GPA of a 2.7 after completing at least 12 units of college coursework, including ECON 101, ACCT 201 and MATH 211 (or its equivalent). This form, to be completed after the freshman spring, allows rising sophomores to be identified as "Pre-Business."

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Note: Within the Robins School of Business, students may have only one major or in the school of business chosen from among the three majors:  accounting, business administration or economics, or students may choose a minor in business administration.  A concentration(s) may be attached to any of the Robins School majors, but is only required for business administration major.

*Your intended program of study in the Robins School (select one):

Concentrations (Only required for Business Administration majors. Accounting or Economics Business majors may choose a concentration as well.):

 Accounting (must choose a second concentration);
 International Business
 Management-with a track in Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Talent Management, or Organizational Stability

This electronic form must be submitted prior to the end of Fall semester Drop/Add (ie. no later than the tenth day of class). All students will be notified of their eligibility to officially declare a business school major or minor during winter break just prior to the spring semester. Students must declare a major or minor in the Robins School of Business no later than start of their junior year at the University.

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