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The Business Administration Major

In addition to the requirements for the B.S.B.A. degree outlined on the BSBA page, all business administration majors must complete a concentration. Except as otherwise noted on the concentration page, a concentration area requires four courses minimum chosen from a single Robins School of Business department. A maximum of seven courses can be taken in any area of concentration.

Business administration majors must choose a concentration from the following areas: accounting, economics, finance, international business, marketing, or management. A concentration in accounting is always a secondary concentration to a primary concentration or major. Students pursuing a secondary major in Economics in the School of Arts and Sciences may not pursue a concentration in Economics in the Business school.

Electives: Sufficient units to complete degree requirements over and above other major requirements. At least 17 units must be taken outside the Robins School of Business.

Note: There is no business administration concentration area.

Undergraduate Business Administration

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Associate Dean, Undergraduate Business Programs
Jim Monks, Ph.D.
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