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Becoming a Robins School of Business Student

Getting to know the Robins School of Business

Prospective students coordinate their visit through the UR’s Undergraduate Admissions Office. Upon request from the Admissions Office, observing an introductory course or speaking with someone about the business program may be arranged in advance.

Requirements to declare a major

UR students who are interested in pursuing a major (Business Administration, Economics or Accounting) or minor (Business Administration) must have at least a 2.7 GPA and 12 units of college coursework completed, including ECON 101, ACCT 201 and MATH 211.

Intent Forms

Students interested in pursuing a major or minor in the Robins School of Business will need to complete an online Robins School of Business Major/Minor Intent Form prior to the end of the second week of the fall semester of the student's sophomore year. 


All students will be notified of their eligibility to declare a business major or minor before the spring semester begins and will be assigned a faculty advisor within their major area of focus. Students who do not successfully complete the requirements above will be provided information on the appeal process.


Pre-Business Classes: These are courses that should be taken prior to registering for upper level business classes. All Pre-Business classes are not necessarily prerequisite classes, however, it is recommended for all of the Pre-Business classes to be completed before taking upper level business classes.

Core Classes.  These are the upper level courses that MUST be completed once a student has declared his or her major. These requirement courses are taken in tandem with major and concentration area courses.

Major/ Concentration Classes. These are the courses associated with each major and concentration. Specific courses required may be found at the department pages located on the column to the left of this page.

Pre-Business Classes
ACCT 201, ACCT 202, BUAD 202, BUAD 205, ECON 101, ECON 102, MATH 211

Core Classes
FIN 360, MKT 320, MGMT 325, MGMT 330, MGMT 340, BUAD 392, BUAD 497 or IBUS 411, and an International Focus Course which may be taken as part of the major requirements or approved semester long study abroad program.


All pre-business and core classes are offered every semester. Here is a guideline as to when pre-business classes should be taken.  Core classes are typically taken during the junior and senior year.

ACCT 201*¹

Must be completed by end of fall semester sophomore year, and is a prerequisite course for core business classes

ACCT 202

Should be completed before the end of sophomore year; must have first completed ACCT 201

BUAD 202*

BUAD 202 should be completed before the end of the sophomore year and is a prerequisite course for core business classes

BUAD 205

Recommended no later than sophomore spring semester

ECON 101*¹

Generally taken fall semester freshman year; Must be completed by end of fall semester sophomore year

ECON 102*

Generally taken spring semester freshman year; should be completed by end of sophomore year

MATH 211*¹

Must be completed by end of fall semester sophomore year

*Prerequisite to all other upper level business classes
¹ Denotes classes required for business school enrollment process


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