The BSBA Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration includes courses taken in the liberal arts as well as a strong business curriculum to offer both depth and breadth to its students and graduates.

After one year in the School of Arts and Sciences, students may declare their intent to major in Business Administration, Accounting, or Economics.  Students interested in pursuing a major or minor in the Robins School of Business (Business Administration, Economics or Accounting) must have at least a 2.7 GPA after completing a minimum of 12 units at the end of three semesters of college coursework, including ECON 101, ACCT 201 and MATH 211 (or its equivalent). Once a student has declared his or her major/ concentration, then a faculty advisor will be assigned from that department. The faculty advisor will be the individual with whom the student registers in subsequent semesters leading toward graduation. The advisors name will be listed in GradTracker in Bannerweb.

Students may have only one major in the school of business, chosen from accounting, business administration or economics. A concentration(s) may be attached to any of these majors but is only required for the business administration major. We strongly recommend that students complete their pre-business requirements which are ECON 101-102, ACCT 201-202, BUAD 201 or BUAD 202 for those entering in or after Fall 2012, BUAD 205 and MATH 211 during their first two years on campus.  Once declared, a Robins School student must maintain at least an overall average of a 2.0 in Robins School coursework. Economics majors must also earn no lower than a C- in an economics course required for the major. Additionally, Business Administration majors are required to take at least 17 units outside of the business school (ECON 101, ECON 102 and BUAD 202 may be counted toward this requirement). No Robins School students may take any class Pass/Fail unless the course is only offered in the Pass/Fail option. Additionally, a Robins School student may only audit a course provided that the course will not be retaken later for a grade.

Please note:  Students' graduation requirements are established by the catalog in affect during the academic year in which they enter the university. For a current list of curriculum and requirements, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog. For past lists of curriculum and requirements, please visit the Catalog Archives and choose the relevant academic year. 

To alter a current major, minor or concentration, a student must complete and the Major/Minor Declaration form which is available in the Robins School Dean's Suite. You may initiate these changes during the first two weeks of each semester and submit the form for the appropriate signatures to the Robins School Dean's Suite.

The Robins School of Business awards scholarships to select declared business majors who are rising juniors or seniors. An online application for scholarship consideration is sent via email to all majors in early spring semester. While various criteria are considered, the vast majority of the scholarships are merit-based awards of which students are notified during the early summer months.

There are opportunities for student employment in the Robins School of Business in positions such as Student Research Assistant, Faculty/ Staff Assistant, Event Photographers and Technical Assistants. Positions of availability are sent via email to Robins School students prior to each semester including summer term and thus students may applied for positions relevant to their academic interests and skills.

If students wish to take a business course over the summer at another AACSB recognized institution, they must submit a completed Transfer Course Approval form and attach the course description from that institution to the Robins School Dean's Suite.

For courses to be taken while studying abroad, contact the Associate Dean for International Business Programs, Dr. Thomas Cossé.

Robins School students may earn academic credit for their internships at the time of their internship experience by register for BUAD 388: Internships using the required forms found in the Robins School Dean's Suite. For independent studies, the student should find a business faculty member to supervise the course and then complete the required forms located in the Robins School Dean's Suite.