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The Accounting Concentration

The accounting concentration is available only to students enrolled full time in the Robins School of Business with another concentration in economics, finance, international business, management, or marketing.

A minimum of 4 courses and maximum of 6 courses in addition to the pre-business and business core described above, chosen from:
ACCT 301 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 (required)
ACCT 302 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 (required)

Two to four courses additional, chosen from:
ACCT 305 Cost and Managerial Accounting
ACCT 307 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 312 Federal Tax 1
ACCT 313 Federal Tax 2
ACCT 417 Auditing
ACCT 418 Advanced Auditing
ACCT 431 Advanced Financial Accounting

Notes: Both ACCT 301 and ACCT 302 are required in the concentration. Some of the accounting courses are not offered every semester or every year. Many of the upper-level accounting courses have prerequisites that should be taken into account when planning your curriculum.

Undergraduate Accounting

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Darrell Walden, Ph.D.
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Department Coordinator
Lori Cates
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