Visiting Executive Program

In 1979, the Manville Foundation for Private Enterprise granted the University of Richmond $125,000 to endow a fund to bring distinguished business leaders to the Robins School of Business. Participating executives take part in class lectures and discussions, present keynote speeches to students, faculty, and corporate leaders, and converse informally with students, faculty, and staff of the University. 

Executives-in-Residence have included:

2010-11 Waldo M. Abbot Former CEO, BNP Paribas Fortis  
2004-10 Roger Schnorbus
Former President & CEO, Mrs. Paul's Kitchen, Campbell Soup Company
2004-05 Mercer Bullard Founder & President of Fund Democracy
2001-02 Roger Dow Senior Vice President for Sales, Marriott
2000-01 Lee Schilling Cullins & Aikman Floor Coverings
1998-99 John J. Teeling Global Entrepreneur
1997-98 Jeremiah J. Sheehan Chairman & CEO, Reynolds Metals Company
1997-98 Ronald W. Allen Chairman, President & CEO, Delta Airlines, Inc.
1997-98 John D. Gottwald President & CEO, Tredegar Industries, Inc.
1996-97 William H. Goodwin, Jr. Chairman, CCA Industries, Inc.
1995-96 Benjamin M. Rosen Partner, Sevin Rosen Management Company
Chairman, Compaq Computer
1995-96 Orit Gadiesh Chairman, Bain & Company
1994-95 John L. McElroy, Jr. Chairman, Wheat First Butcher Singer
1992-93 Judith Richards Hope Partner, Paul Hastings, Janosfky & Walker
1991-92 Richard D. Simmons President, The International Herald Tribune
1990-91 Robert H. Patterson Partner & Chairman, McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe
1988-89 Richard L. Sharp President & CEO, Circuit City Stores, Inc.
1986-87 Robert S. Jepson, Jr. Chairman, The Jepson Corporation
1985-86 William W. Berry Chairman & CEO, Virginia Power
1984-85 J. Richard Munro President & CEO, Time, Inc.
1983-84 B. Franklin Skinner Chairman & CEO, Southern Bell
1982-83 Joseph A. Jennings Chairman & CEO, United Virginia Bank
1981-82 Richard L. Terrell Vice Chairman, General Motors Corporation
1980-81 William K. Howell President & CEO, Miller Brewing Company

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