Staff Directory

Deans and Department Chairs

Harold Babb
Department Chair, Marketing
Professor of Marketing
Consumer Behavior
International Marketing
Marketing Principles
Strategic Marketing
Nancy Bagranoff
Dean, Robins School of Business
Professor of Accounting
Accounting Information Systems
Budgets and Fiscal Responsibility
Accounting and Business Education
Tom Cosse
Associate Dean for International Business Programs
Professor of Marketing and International Business Studies
International Market Planning
Richard Coughlan
Senior Associate Dean
Director, Richard S. Reynolds Graduate School of Business, MBA Program
Executive Director of Executive Education
Associate Professor of Management
Business Ethics
Managerial Decision Making
Hotel Industry
Management Education
John Earl
Department Chair, Finance
Associate Professor of Finance
Alternative Assets
Portfolio and Investment
Corporate Finance
Amit Eynan
CSX Chair in Management & Accounting
Department Chair, Management
Professor of Management
Bob Nicholson
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Business Programs
Associate Professor of Economics
Managerial Economics
Mathematical Economics
Quantitative Analysis
Bob Schmidt
Professor of Economics
Department Chair, Economics
Demography and Economic Growth
Disability Economics
Population Economics
Economics and Education
Quantitative Methods
Darrell Walden
Department Chair, Accounting
Associate Professor of Accounting
Accounting (accounting education, financial, and managerial)
Accounting Information Systems


Marjorie Banister
Administrative Coordinator
Fae Bell
International Business & Residencies Coordinator
Shelley Burns
Director of Career Programs in Business
Director, Executive Education
Lori Cates
Administrative Coordinator for Management
Nancy Downing
Administrative Coordinator for Marketing
Administrative Assistant - Center for International Business Programs
Administrative Coordinator for Finance & Accounting
Kourtney Ennis
Marketing & Communications Manager
Tricia Fanney
Administrative Coordinator for Economics
Debbie Fisher
Associate Director, MBA Program
Rhonda Hall
Assistant to the Dean
Corey Janecky
Director, Operations & Technology
Administrative Coordinator - Executive Education
Pat Macaulay
Business Manager
Lit Maxwell
Business Librarian
Andi Minor
Special Events Manager
Bob Piazza
Jessica Price
Communications and Events Coordinator
John Sherman
Tara Stewart
Administrative Coordinator
Laura Thompson
Student Services Coordinator
Lois Vogle
Program Coordinator for Graduate Studies

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