Cassandra Marshall
Assistant Professor of Finance
Grants and Fellowships

Doctoral Student Travel Grant Recipient, American Finance Association Conference

Dean’s Fellowship, Indiana University


Directors' Trading Alignment

Financial Management Association Conference 2014 (Nashville, TN)

Explaining CEO Retention in Misreporting Firms

Virginia Commonwealth University 2015, University of Richmond 2013

Do They Do It for the Money?

European Finance Association Conference 2011 (Stockholm, Sweden), American Finance Association Conference 2011 (Denver, CO)

Are Dissenting Directors Rewarded?

Financial Management Association Conference 2011 (Denver, CO), Midwest Finance Association Conference 2011 (Chicago, IL), University of Cincinnati 2011, Indiana University 2010, University of Arkansas 2010, University of Richmond 2010, California State University (Fullerton) 2010, Illinois State University 2010

European Finance Association
Midwest Finance Association
American Finance Association
Financial Management Association
Selected Publications

"Do They Do It for the Money?" with Utpal Bhattacharya, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2012, Vol. 18, Pgs. 92-104.

"A Quick Approximation for Modified Bond Duration and Convexity" with Tom Arnold and John H. Earl, Jr., The Journal of Wealth Management, 2015, Vol. 18(3), Pgs. 53-56.

"Explaining CEO Retention in Misreporting Firms" with Messod D. Beneish and Jun Yang, forthcoming at the Journal of Financial Economics

"Using Google Sheets to Determine Mortgage Information" with Tom Arnold and John H. Earl Jr., forthcoming at The Journal of Wealth Management

B.S., Western Kentucky University 2004
Finance & Economics
M.S., Indiana University 2008
Ph.D., Indiana University 2011
Contact Information
382 Queally
(804) 287-1851
(804) 289-8878 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Director Incentives
Executive Compensation