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domniki Domniki Athanasiadou, '17

Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece

Major: Business Administration

Minor/Concentration: Marketing/Leadership Studies

Languages: English, German (conversational) Thai, Classical

Activities: open-water diving, hip hop dancer, avid drawer, surfing

Fun Fact: I am an open-water diver.


Connor Flanagan, '18

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Major: Business Administration, Psychology

Minor/Concentration: Finance

Languages: English, German (conversational)

Activities: backpacking, reading, club rugby, Honor Council, basketball, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Fun Fact: I am an Eagle Scout and was a Boy Scout for 13 years. I hiked 80 miles over 12 days in the Rockies.


Emily Foo, '17

Hometown: Rochester, NY 

Major: Business Administration

Minor/Concentration: Marketing/Management

Languages: English, Spanish (basic)

Activities: Alpha Kappa Psi, Bonner Scholar Program, Kappa Alpha Theta, running, yoga

Fun Fact: My favorite candy is jelly beans.


Stathi Kyriakides, '17

Hometown: Newport, RI

Major: Business Administration, Biology

Minor/Concentration: Finance

Languages: English

Activities: hiking, running, eating, paddle boarding, 2016 election

Fun Fact: I am a first generation American.


T.J. Ranney, '17

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

Major: Business Administration

Minor/Concentration: Finance, Economics

Languages: English, French (proficient)

Activities:Mock Trial, Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Alpha Order, basketball, volleyball 

Fun Fact: I hold the course record at Disney World's Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course and have the same birthday as Donald Trump.


Megan Troy, '17

Hometown: Blue Bell, PA

Major: Business Administration

Minor/Concentration: Finance, Spanish

Languages: English, Spanish

Activities: Student Investment Fund, Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Alpha Theta

Fun Fact: I have a twin sister who goes to JMU.


Kayla Truong, '18

Hometown: Withita, KS

Major: Business Administration

Minor/Concentration: Accounting

Languages: English, Vietnamese

Activities: Alpha Kappa Psi, Robins School SGA Senator, Speech Center, Spider Key Society

Fun Fact: I enjoy designing websites and have published a few for my high school and non-profit.


Wanli Zhang, '17

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Major: Business Administration

Minor/Concentration: Finance, International Business, Physics and French

Languages: English, Mandarin, French

Activities: Office of Admission (International), Senator, sing in a capella group, Alpha Kappa Psi 

Fun Fact: I visited 13 European countries in four months.

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