Q-camp, named for Paul B. Queally, R'86, is designed to introduce undergraduate students to practical, real-world exercises in professional and career skills.

The Program

Held off-campus in a nearby business conference center, the small, select group of sophomore business students experience first-hand the social and professional interactions they will face as they enter the 21st century workforce.

Q-camp is packed full of interactive seminars and opportunities to practice the newly introduced skills with alumni, corporate friends and faculty.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to refine your career interests and goals
  • Identify new job search resources and a create a plan for taking action
  • Define what networking is, identify your network, and develop and practice key skills to be an effective networker
  • Describe the components of a professional brand and identify key actions to take to market yourself well


Click here for full agenda for Q-camp 2012.

Student Reactions

"I think it was a wonderful opportunity to learn crucial lessons that you cannot learn in a classroom or in every day life. I encourage every single student to participate in this course." --William Connell

"Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend at Q-camp! It was a tremendous success, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience... every speaker was personable, engaging, interesting, and provided very useful advice and information. I think that all aspects of the weekend ran very smoothly.

I was nervous that Q-camp was going to be very regimented and stressful. I was pleasantly surprised that the experience was professional yet relaxed. I met some really wonderful people including classmates, professionals and faculty members. I think that Q-camp has strengthened my ties with other Business School students who I may not have otherwise met. This was not only a networking event in terms of future employers; it was a networking event among students. I bonded with other Robins School of Business students." --Kelly Padden


  • Q Camp is held at The Westin Hotel, 6631 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA.
  • All transportation, lodging and meals will be provided for participating students; students will be responsible  for hotel incidentals.
  • Dress is business casual for the workshops and Friday etiquette dinner; dress for the Saturday networking and dinner sessions is coat/tie and ladies suits.
  • Q-camp is offered once annually. A limited number of students will be accepted into this program.


Read about Q-Camp on the
USA Today College website.

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