EAC Mentoring Program

What do you need for career success?

“The mentoring program has helped me through all stages of my career search, from figuring out which industry I was interested in, to helping me perfect my networking skills.  Even after I found a job, my mentor worked with me to help me prepare for my next career by introducing me to people from all different industries and careers.  The skills I have learned through the mentoring program have definitely been key to my success.” -Katherine Degnen, Class of 2011

Starting to think about transitioning to the professional world? Worried about how to begin the process?

The Robins School of Business Executive Advisory Council (EAC) has collaborated with the Robins School to develop a career guidance/mentoring program.  The Robins School Executive Advisory Council is a group of ~50 senior executives who work directly with the Robins School, its Deans, faculty and students.

The members of the EAC and other mentors have a variety of business backgrounds, including Investment Banking, Consulting, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Real Estate Development, Hospitality/Hotels, Small Business, Accounting, and much more!  This program is designed to connect students one-on-one with business professionals.  The partnership serves the objective of helping students expand their educational horizons.

Mentors have offered to provide career guidance/mentoring by helping interested students in the following ways:

  • Meet one-on-one to provide general career coaching and advice
  • Provide input regarding specific career questions/issues
  • Discuss challenges faced when transitioning from school to work
  • Assist in outlining a job search strategy
  • Share real world experiences that have impacted his/her career
  • Help define strategies for ongoing growth and professional development

As a student, you will be introduced to a mentor, carefully chosen to match your personal and professional goals, as declared in your application. You and your mentor will meet to discuss your questions, and to agree on a meeting approach that fits both your schedules. Meetings may be held on or off campus throughout the academic year and scheduled as frequently as once a month or just once in a while.

Are you a business professional looking to become a mentor for a Robins School student? Submit our New Mentor Application.

Please contact Shelley Olds Burns for more information.

EAC Mentoring Program

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Shelley Olds Burns
Director of Career Programs in Business
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